If you ever knew an Aaron Tarver that lived in the states of Colorado, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Oklahoma or Washington, or even in the Republic of the Philippines, I just might be that guy.

This page serves as a launch point for some of my projects.

Computer Classes at Rehoboth COA - Information about free computer classes I have provided at the Rehoboth Council on Aging since 2006.

The Garden Project and CrazyPlantLady's Blog -
Michelle was inspired to take her gardening hobby to a new level.  The family has now been conscripted to raise plants for sale to benefit the Children's Miracle Network (CMN). The total money raised through CrazyPlantLady (from 2009-2012) is $29,500.

The Tech Support Project - This evolved out of helping folks with Windows®.  Offers Do-It-Yourself PC maintenance tips, one-on-one remote tech support and software recommendations (most of which is free).

The Story Teller - It is my opinion that story telling is the greatest and most entertaining gateway to literacy.  I began telling and reading stories as a young boy and now tell them to my children and their classmates.  This web project is still in development.

Clash of Clans - yep. I play Clash of Clans.  Big time waster, but it's fun and social.  I've put some resources for our clans here.

The U.S. Civics Project - This is the information that I want to be sure my children understand about their country... not rote memorization, but a basic familiarity and comprehension.