First of all, WELCOME to all new members.  

This is an Adult 'clean language' L50+ English reading/writing clan
  • If we can't communicate with you, we must kick. 
  • Names containing non-western characters may need to be kicked for the same reason.
  • If your language is not clean we will kick. 
  • If your conduct is 'less than mature' we will kick.
  • If your village is under Level 50 we will likely kick, because obviously you did not (or could not) read our English clan description exemplifying a lack of maturity or inability to read English.

For new members to participate in our Mon/Thurs Clan Wars (Tue/Fri Battle Day):
  • Make sure you have donated troops and that your donation ratio exceeds 25% (donate 25 per 100 taken).  We define "takers" as anyone with a donation ratio less than 25%. Takers are kicked prior to war search.  New members with 0/0 donations may be kicked for inactivity prior to war search.
  • Pay attention to your clan rank according to trophy count as shown on the clan roster.  Your eligibility is shown with a colored shield with crossed swords.  You may have to increase your trophy count to become eligible.
  • If you came to us from a clan that was in the middle of a war:
    • Hopefully you did not leave without using both of your attacks.  If you did, please leave our clan now.  We don't need members that are not committed to using their war attacks.
    • You will not be eligible to participate in our war until your previous clan's war is over.
Other Clan Wars NOTE: do not fill war bases without asking an Elder what is allowed to be donated.

Resources for Clash of Clans (a work in progress)

  1. Rules of Engagement (RoE)

    1. Clan War participation is mandatory. 
      • You must use your attacks during each Clan War. 
      • Your first attack should always be against the highest base that you expect to 3-star (or 2 stars against a top 5 base).  Do not shoot ridiculously low to earn 3 stars when you could easily 3 star a higher base.  Such behavior may rob lower members of scoring opportunities, reducing the clan's overall potential score. 
      • The 2nd attack should be used to gain more stars.  You may be tempted to go for loot, but you'll only see a fraction of that loot if we lose by a star because you went for loot instead of stars. (The exception is if we are up by more than 15-20 stars with less than 10 minutes to go. At that point we're probably going to win.)
      • Clan war prep begins on Mondays and Thursdays. If you know you will not be able to use your attacks (Tues & Fri) notify clan leadership in advance and either temporarily leave the clan (we'll send you an invite to rejoin when you leave) or drop trophies to make yourself ineligible for war. (The game selects clan war participants in groups of 5, so if we have 44 members numbers 41-44 by trophy rank will not be selected for war.)  *Any clan rank you held prior to taking leave will be restored when you return.
      • Filling war bases - Elders will  fill war bases. Preferred war base troops are 2-4 L5+ Wizards with the balance L5+ barbs/archers (or perhaps L3+ dragon or Valkyries/Wiz). Do not fill with lower troops unless troops are still needed in final 2 hrs of preparation phase. 
    2. Troop DONATIONS
      • Only donate what is requested.  If you cannot provide what is requested DO NOT DONATE.
      • New members MUST donate a minimum of 5 troops BEFORE they may request troops. If leadership sees 0 donated from any requesting NEW MEMBER, said member may be immediately dismissed.  
      • You must maintain at least 25% donation rate (25 given per 100 taken).  This is a MINIMUM. Do not play on the fringe and expect leniency when you 'accidentally' fall below 25%. Exercise caution and keep a higher ratio. *The exception to this rule is at the beginning of a new league season when counters are reset to zero.
      • All members should strive for 100% donation rate. 
      • If you don't want a ratio requirement see benefits of earning (and keeping) Elder.
    3. Troop REQUESTS
      • Request troops AT THE LEVEL YOU CAN TRAIN or lower.  If you can only train L4 Wizards, then your request for wizards should look like "L4+ Wizards".  By clan policy your request will be filled with L4 or higher wizards ONLY. If you request "Wizards L6", then we expect that you can GIVE BACK Wizards L6.
      • If you want to request a troop that you can't train at all, combine the request with something that you can train.  If you would like Hogs but can't train any yourself, then group the request with something you can train.  Ex: Hogs OR L4+ Giants (prefer Hogs).  If someone has Hogs available you will get Hogs. 
      • If you see a member fill your request with inappropriate troops, please report that member to one of the clan leaders listed above.  Tell us what you requested and what was given.
      • Please do not always request high level troops for your personal raids. Try requesting at least one level below what you train to create donation opportunities for more members. 
    4. Promotion 
      • Elder: It is our opinion that each and every member should have the opportunity to be Elder.  Elders have a stake in the clan... a sense of ownership.  We want every member to feel like they own the clan, that it is THEIR place. 
        • How to earn Elder.  Donate 1000 troops value before the 14th day of a single league season. [Basically we just want to see 1000 in a single season, so if we see someone achieve 1000 in the 14th day before the counter resets then we will likely promote.  However, promotion is not guaranteed if you wait until the 14th day to reach goal since leadership may not see your achievement before the counters reset.  So get it done early so there is no question.]
        • Maintaining Elder rank.  Elders are the backbone of the clan.  They provide the personality that will either attract or repel new members.  So Elders need to remain active and must donate a maintenance quota of 300 troops per league season.
        • Benefits.  Since they have a maintenance quota Elders are exempt from the 25% ratio requirement.  Elders may request as many troops as they want.  This creates more donation opportunities for all members.  However, any Elder that shows more than 100 troops taken with 0 donations given will receive a polite warning. :)
        • Elders' responsibilities - Maintain chat decorum, be a model of behavior and enforce clan conduct standards.  In the absence of the leader or co-leader(s), evaluate and approve/deny applications for clan membership. Request troops often to create donation opportunities for others.
      • Co-Leader is earned and not guaranteed (or even likely).  It is based upon the needs of the clan and upon leadership's observations of your activities in all aspects of clan "life": chat frequency & conduct, quality & quantity of donations, clan war participation.  Do not ask to be promoted to Co-Leader.  We will ask you.
    5. Chat conduct
      • Malicious language, gratuitous swearing, and use of racial slurs may be grounds for immediate dismissal. 
      • Keep critiques positive & helpful. Be patient.
      • English is the common language of the clan.  Keeping chat in a common language builds camaraderie.  When you find a member that speaks your native non-English tongue it is tempting to carry on a conversation in the non-English language.  We ask that you avoid this temptation and keep the majority of chat in English, so a maximum number of members can participate in conversations.  
  2. Announcements - 

  3. Strategies

  4. War Logs - We will post (hopefully weekly) screen shots of the war log so you can see our war results.

  5. Whiteboard - (in the works)

  6. Recruiting Tools

  7. Recommended Clash of Clans resources