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Recon of Clan of Errl

posted Nov 7, 2014, 4:08 PM by Aaron Tarver

I was able to join the Clan of Errl and take screenshots of their war bases. Here is the Flickr folder with the recon pics. All traps revealed.  

So far they have not filled any of their Clan Castles, so we will likely have to figure that out on the fly.

New Donations and Promotion Policy

posted Sep 19, 2014, 3:24 PM by Aaron Tarver   [ updated Sep 19, 2014, 4:28 PM ]

We have a couple exciting announcements.

The first is actually not so exciting: Donation requirements.  We have reduced the general membership donation requirement from 50% to 25%.  This should be easy to maintain and encourage more troop requests which translates into more donation opportunities.

Now for the exciting announcement: new Promotion policy. My #1 Clashers needs more Elders.  Elders feel like they have a stake in the clan... a sense of ownership.  We want every member to feel like they own the clan, that it is THEIR place.  With that in mind we are putting forth a way that potentially EVERYBODY can be Elder.  However, there will also be a requirement to REMAIN an Elder.  

Here is the new policy to achieve and maintain the rank of Elder, along with the benefits and responsibilities of the position.
  • How to earn Elder.  Donate 1000 troops value before the 14th day of a single league season. [Basically we just want to see 1000 in a single season, so if we see someone achieve 1000 in the 14th day before the counter resets then we will likely promote.  However, promotion is not guaranteed if you wait until the 14th day to reach goal since leadership may not see your achievement before the counters reset.  So get it done early so there is no question.]
  • Maintaining Elder rank.  Elders are the backbone of the clan.  They provide the personality that will either attract or repel new members.  So Elders need to remain active and must donate a maintenance quota of 300 troops per league season.
  • Benefits.  Since they have a maintenance quota Elders are exempt from the 25% ratio requirement.  Elders may request as many troops as they want.  This creates more donation opportunities for all members.  However, any Elder that shows more than 100 troops taken with 0 donations given will receive a polite warning. :)
  • Elders' responsibilities - Maintain chat decorum, be a model of behavior and enforce clan conduct standards.  In the absence of the leader or co-leaders, evaluate and approve/deny applications for clan membership.
I hope everyone takes advantage of this new policy and achieves the rank of Elder.  With a focus on creating and maintaining active Elders we have a chance of creating a self-sustaining clan; it won't need to be wholly dependent on the personalities of just a few people.

New Elder benefits and opportunity for Elder promotion are effective immediately (this league season).  Elder maintenance requirements are not effective until next league season.

Clan War frequency

posted Jul 29, 2014, 8:19 PM by Aaron Tarver   [ updated Jul 29, 2014, 8:37 PM ]

Cassy and I were discussing our clan war frequency. 

Our current pace is 3+ wars per week. Virtually no break (just hours) between wars. A good thing about this is developing a strong war record. 
However, the last war revealed a huge deficiency in air power attack and defense. I feel that my elixir based upgrades suffer due to little or no breaks between clan wars. What say you? 

Tell us. Do you want to take breaks between wars? How long? 24hrs? 48hrs? Or should we keep going more or less continuously?  What do you think will most benefit the clan?

Let us know in Clan chat when you see us in-game. (you can also comment below if you sign in with a google account at the bottom of the page)


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