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    1. Offense
      1. Lure out Clan Castle (CC) troops and Heroes (Barbarian King/Archer Queen).  Defeat them before launching main assault.

        How to Draw Out Clan Castle Troops

      2. Defeating a Clan Castle Dragon - If done right, you could kill a clan castle dragon by losing only one or two barbarians/goblins...
        1. First you are going to want to lure out the dragon as you would any other troop. 
        2. Once out of the range of defenses, start to make a half circle of archers. 
        3. About half way into making this half circle, drop a troop that will run past the dragon to the base behind it. This will distract the dragon and it will spin around to try and kill that single troop rather than focusing on the group of archers shooting it.  This should kill the dragon quickly without too many lost troops!
      3. Beware of Traps
        1. Remember that the ONLY space absolutely free of traps is VISIBLY OCCUPIED SPACE.
        2. Before committing your Giants or Hogs, try to set off traps with Barbs/Goblins. 
    2. Defense/Clan Wars Base 
      1. Clan Castle
        1. The CC is critical to your defense.  Keep it centralized to make it most difficult to lure out of range of other defenses.
        2. Splash Damage trumps all (Wizards, Dragons, Valkyries, etc). 
        3. A properly manned CC can destroy the enemy's spearhead attack and can make the difference between 49% destruction (heroic defense) and 50% (1 star defeat).
      2. Town Hall (TH). In Clan War always keep TH centralized.  Farming config is an immediate 1-star loss.  
      3. Defenses
        1. Defenses should be walled unless you are baiting a trap with them.  
        2. Air Defenses and Mortars should always be defended, and preferably in an inner ring, as opposed to inside the outer wall. 
          -- Air Defenses are essential to defeating healer strategies.
        3. Basic Funneling 101
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