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"Running Fast and Injury Free by Gordon Pirie (edited by John S Gilbody). More than 70 per cent of running shoes on the market today are causing injuries by their design! A startling statement maybe but one of many the late Gordon Pirie makes in this book. Pirie, one of the all-time athletics greats, covers just about everything in this amazing book. The original manuscript took him just 24 hours to complete and then a further five years editing with Gilbody. The outward result looks rather unprofessional - it's a simple, A4 ring-bound effort. But the content is well worth the £13 investment (£10 plus £3 p&p). For your money you get 35,500 words covering why athletes fail, injuries, techniques and shoes, training, weight training, diet and vitamins. There's also some interesting stuff in the introduction, along with Pirie's own training methods. In the 'shoes' chapter Pirie explains how he got a 58-year-old marathon runner to lower his best time from 3:28 to 2:58 just by changing his shoes. Accept the book for what it is; a simply produced work with no pictures and then enjoy a good read. Copies are available from: Dr John S Gilbody, One Rookswood Close, Hook, Hampshire RG27 9EU [ENGLAND]". -- UK's "Athletics Weekly" (22 July 1998; p.26)  618k v. 3 Aug 22, 2010, 9:35 PM Aaron Tarver